Area Reclaimed From Boko Haram Must Be Stabilized In Sahel

Young mother with her child waiting for assistance Young mother with her child waiting for assistance Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters

2 april, 2018

Areas freed from the grip of the terrorist organisation Boko Haram around the lake Chad Basin must rebuild the lives of the people that have suffered.

The four countries affected by the organisation’s terrorist activities are namely Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria which has recently joined efforts to fight against Islamist extremism and has resulted in considerable progress in redressing the harm caused by the religious fanatics.

The operations conducted by the Islamic group Boko Haram led to strong insecurity that caused destruction, death and therefore mass displacement. Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed described the situation as a “complex and dire” humanitarian crisis with more than 11 million people in critical need of assistance. The terrorist organisation based in North-East Nigeria is known for carrying out deadly raids, suicide bombings, and is especially known for kidnapping young women and children in the region over the past years.

The terrorist group would have abducted more than 4000 women or young girls over the past years; most of whom would have been subject to sexual abuse and pushed to early marriage or used for suicide bomb attacks. The need to incorporate human rights and gender equality dimensions into counter-terrorism activities would help to prevent violent extremism said Ms Mohammed. Moreover, she added investing in a community justice mechanism would be an essential tool for peace building and reconciliation.

The Sahel region  which is located near the lake Chad is subject to an extreme climate and has suffered from droughts. The area of the lake has been reduced by 90%, which has added to the conflict. Competition for water has increased social tensions and the areas now free from extremist oppression are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. External help will be necessary to rebuild their infrastructures and prevent conflict in the region.


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