Syrian Refugees Need Humanitarian Fund To Survive In Lebanon.

Children in a refugee camp in Lebanon Children in a refugee camp in Lebanon REUTERS/MOHAMED AZAKIR

19 march 2018

Over 1.5 million Syrians as well as thousands of Palestinian refugees are currently being hosted by Lebanon, however they need more sustainable assistance.

Lebanon has prevailed in creating a unique bastion of stability for the refugees in the region and despite the enormous challenge, has succeeded in providing them with basic necessities. Recently, the government launched a funding allocation, to ensure that the humanitarian assistance would continue to be provided. The needs of the affected community increase daily and have already surpassed the resources available.

Most of the displaced people, live below the poverty line with less than four dollars per day and do not have any legal residency. They live in overcrowded camps where life is extremely difficult and where only eight percent of the sewage and 40% of the waste is treated. Moreover, over 90% of the refugees live with the risk of starvation and medicine shortages. Additionally only three percent of non-Lebanese youth have access to secondary schools.

A multi-year Crisis Response Plan up to 2020, was created as a between the Lebanese administration and its International and National partners to provide humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people which include Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese refugees.

Since 2014, Lebanon has allocated over $40 million to support the humanitarian aid but the lack of funds remain a major challenge for the Crisis Response Plan. In 2017, the estimated amount needed was over $2.75 billion and only 43% was received. As the situation is likely to last, it is imperative to strengthen the solidarity and the support from external countries to avoid a host-community fatigue.


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